MAJOR CLIENTS 1973 - 2018 (continued)

M A J O R  C O R P O R A T E  P R O J E C T S (cont'd)

United Services Automobile Association (USAA)

Home Office Campus,  San Antonio, Texas

   Interior Signage Program:

   Buildings E-F, G-H (New Construction)

   Buildings A - D & Operations Building (Retrofit/Replacement)

   Backup Recovery Information Center/South Central Plant

   Replacement Cafeteria (Master) Signage Program(s)

      (4 facilities)

   Operations Building

   New North Parking Garage, Phases I & II

   Total Exterior Campus Replacement Sign Program

   Comprehensive Garage Signage Program

      (East/South Garages, all (5) 1000 car underground garages)

   Recreation Facility Signage Program

USAA Regional Headquarters (Nationally):

   Southeast Regional Headquarters, (SERO), Tampa, Florida

   Mid Atlantic Regional Headquarters, (MARO), Norfolk, Virginia

   Mountain States Regional Headquarters, (MSTRO),

      Colorado Springs, Colorado

   Western Regional Headquarters, (WESTRO), Sacramento, Ca.

   USAA Claims Service Center, Dallas, Texas; West Chicago,

      Illinois; Austin, Texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Atlanta,

      Georgia; San Antonio, Texas

   USAA Federal Credit Union, San Antonio, Texas

   USAA Bank Services Building I & II, San Antonio, Texas

Ameritech Services Corporation,  Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Ameritech Center, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, (1,300,000 sq.ft.), (3750 cars)

Kraft General Foods, Glenview/Northfield, Illinois

Northfield Corporate Office Campus, Northfield, Illinois, (600,000 sq.ft.)

Frost National Bank, (Re-Branding) San Antonio, Texas

Frost Signage Conversion Programs:

   Frost Bankshares Corporate Site Signage Development

   Windsor Park, San Antonio, Texas

   Central Park, San Antonio, Texas

   Leon Springs, Leon Springs (San Antonio), Texas

   Thousand Oaks, San Antonio, Texas

   Centerview, San Antonio, Texas

   Texas Commerce Bank Conversion (Downtown), Corpus Christi, Texas

   Gulfway, Corpus Christi, Texas

   McAllen (Valley National Bank Conversion), McAllen, Texas

   Norfolk (National Commerce Bank Conversion), Houston, Texas

   South Main (National Commerce Bank Conversion), Houston, Texas

   Tanglewood (National Commerce Bank Conversion), Houston, Texas

   Cullen Center, Houston, Texas

   CityWest, Houston, Texas

   Sugarland, Sugar Land, Texas

   Post Oak Central, Houston, Texas

   Frost Bank Plaza, Austin, Texas

   MoPack, Austin, Texas

   Downtown Austin Motor Bank(s), Austin, Texas


The Design Off ice of Steve Neumann & Friends

5206 La Branch Street, Houston, Texas 77004

P.O. Box 980755, Houston, Texas 77098-0755

v.713.629.7501   f.713.520.1171


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